Whining "frying mosquitos noise help"

Hey guys i need help

I have a dj controller
I have a mac os running sierra
I have a behringer ufo 202 usb interface

I want to record my dj sets into audacity. I have the rca’s going out the back of the dj controller into the input of the behringer ufo 202. The behringer is powered by usb. The dj controller is powered by usb.

I can record audio from my sets into audacity. However there is a horrible whining “mosquitos frying” noise constantly in the background on playback. You cant hear it when the musics loud but as soon as theres a quiet section of a song you can hear it. Its horrible. Ive tried many things. Different cables etc. My macbook is quite old. Can anyone help me please?

We have a plugin tool dedicated to that problem.

Mosquito-Killer4.ny (363 Bytes)
That’s a USB problem. USB cables have both clean, pure 5 volt battery and data waves in the same cable. If either the computer, the USB devices, or the cable drops the ball, one will leak into the other causing this frying mosquitoes whistle or whine.

I think the default is 8 mosquitoes and that’s usually enough. Note the tool only works on standard USB services and that works on 80% to 90% of USB systems, but not all.

Let us know how it worked.


My macbook is quite old.

Can you still run it on battery? A soft battery system can cause problems like this. I had friends at work whose Mac only worked plugged into the wall. They had no battery life at all and it was starting to cause problems such as this.

Older Macs would let you change the battery and sometimes you can breathe life back into a Mac by doing that. Does your Mac have a slide fastener and door on the bottom, or all screws?