While editing, all of a sudden my left audio output is virtually zero, right audio output is normal

In the middle of editing a 20 minute segment of scripted audio drama, all of a sudden I couldn’t hear anything coming out of my left headphone. I’ve troubleshooted the headphones, they’re fine. Exported to a .wav format to see if it was just something weird with the audacity file, but the wav file only has a L output. Other audacity files are fine. Is it possible to restore a previously saved version? HELP!!

Nevermind…(envision Gilda Radner here…) Somehow, I managed to click the slider on the audio track itself all the way to the right. I feel like a dummy - I’ve spent the last hour troubleshooting and then panicking…

You’re not the first person to do that (don’t ask me how I know ,) and you won’t be the last


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[Huffy, Codger Voice] “I’ve been doing audio for forty-five years and I’ve never had problems with a recorder like this.” [End Codger Voice]

I discovered a sure method to mess up your show. In days gone by, you could cause Audacity to “Live Monitor” your microphone or sound system without actually going into Record. You do that by right-clicking or control clicking on the bouncing sound meter > Start Monitoring.

Now, if you had the bad form to click on the left-hand side of the recording meter, you just killed your show. That pulls the volume slider down. And being graphically modest, you can’t easily tell it did it.

If you were going to design a process error, you couldn’t do a better job. In My Opinion, this is worth a program patch version—and don’t change anything else!


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