Which version installs on XP 64-bit?

Dear Anyone.

That’s it, really. I have to use XP because my music creation software hates anything else. (Quick Score Elite) And I’ve always used Audacity to ‘master’ finished tracks, it’s great for doing that. I upgraded from 32bit to 64 bit just to have more memory free, so I could use better sounds, and I’ve installed the C++ runtimes as instructed, but Audacity won’t install nohow. Every time I try to install it I get different error messages, I can do a few new tries at installing and list them all if wanted, but the bottom line is I can’t make Audacity install in 64-bit XP no way no how.

It’s not alone. I can’t make hardly ANYTHING install in 64-bit XP, even the stuff that says it will. Stuff that works in 32-bit emulation mode (XP emulation mode) works fine, usually, but not a lot else and I’m not sure why, even stuff that works in 64-bit Win7 doesn’t always like installing.

But I’d love to get Audacity going again. Miss it!

Yours hopefully


Try 2.1.3

A lot of (genuine) old versions are available here: https://www.fosshub.com/Audacity-old.html

DONE IT!!! Read in another thread that Audacity picks up on the Windows versions of some of its files, not its own versions, after version 1.3.7. So I downloaded 1.3.7 and installed it fine!

Hokay. Why can’t you guys either point Audacity at its own versions when its installing, so it gets them from the right place, rename them so it gets the right info. but from files that don’t clash with Windows’ files name-wise or, if it comes to it, just ‘hardwire’ the info. it needs from those files into its programming as a subroutine? Admittedly I have zero idea what those files do, so I’m purely talking out of my (censored!) but that’s what I’d try as a programmer. I mean it’s obviously POSSIBLE to do that as 1.3.7 IS doing that - hence no error message. So why not go back to whatever worked there, realise you have to keep that bit of code and build on that?

The above para. is to be filed under ‘how to get 200 furious programmers trolling you simultaneously…!!’

Yours respectfully - I’m glad I managed to install SOMETHING into Windows XP, the amount of stuff that tells me it’s not got the right permissions to be installed…

Chris. Who’s just about to start an update question but in its own thread…

Have you ever heard of DLL HELL?