Which USB Soundcard to use

Greetings! I hope someone can help me. I have used Audacity and Band in a Box for many years (6 or 7 now) and used a soundblaster sound card in my old computer. Well, I swapped out computers and now am using our emachines el1210 (with vista) and discovered I can’t used my soundcard in it. I would like to load my synergi soundfonts so am thinking I could use a usb soundcard but have no idea which I should use and if it will work like I need it to. Can anyone help? Thanks so much!

Heather in NOrthern Michigan

“Band in a Box” turns out to be a software program and according to Google, it’s still current. The question is does your license run on Vista? Many software programs didn’t survive the transition well.

The type of sound card – assuming your Band license supports it – depends on what you’re doing. The “problem” with Sound Blaster cards is they did everything: microphone, MIDI, Headphones, etc. Are you singing into a microphone? Are you playing a keyboard? Those are, or can be, two different USB adapters. Replacing a full-on Sound Blaster could run into a bit of money.


if you insist on using the soundfonts
my understanding is that you will need a soundblaster card

can other devices use them?
possibly, but not a lot of them, if any.