Which quality should I use?

I have about 10 hrs with 20 years old interviews on tape, and now I am going to digitalize them, for broadcasting on a community radio.
I know, that I shall use wav files, but I’d appreciate good advice regarding which settings I should use when I record them.
Thanks a lot

I would use the Audacity default 44.1 kHz (44100) Project rate and 32-bit float Sample Format - use this throughot for capture an editing.

Then when you have your finished product export to the (default )16-bit PCM stereo WAV. I use triangular dithering for the down-sampling (the “High Quality Conversion” box) - though shaped is reckoned to be pretty good too.

Such files can be burned to a music CD or played in just about any player.


That’s how I delivered the last commercial voice job. Being obsessive, I deliver in Stereo whether or not the original was a single voice track because I know that’s what the client is expecting. Once you go to a Music CD, the burning software is going to make it into a stereo track anyway.

You don’t actually make “Stereo.” you just double up the track and ship the same thing both left and right. Call the company. They may not care. I don’t always have access to the client, so I have to cover all the bases.