Which one is better


I’m thinking of buying http://www.muzikekipman.com/urun/focusrite-scarlett-2i2.aspx or http://www.muzikekipman.com/urun/steinberg-ur22.aspx

Anyone has a chance to try both, any opinions?


I think the chance of someone owning both is zero. Why would you buy the second one? Almost all the units in this price range do an OK job and it’s your task to match up the features with what you want to do. If only one of them supplies 48v Phantom Power and your microphone needs that, then there you are. You are not likely to get a sudden increase in quality with either one them. Almost all the equipment at this level uses the same or similar audio chipsets, so it’s basically down to the colour of the plastic case.

I would Google mixer complaints. It could be that one has a lot of hiss and noise compared to the other, or one is easier to break.