which is the best setting

which setting is the best setting…mme or windows direct sound or windows wasapi?im recording 78s and lps…how do they vary with the sound quality?


Use whatever works with your hardware & drivers. There is very little difference once you get into the digital domain. There’s probably zero audible difference.

The real differences come on the analog side, and of course the weakest link is (usually) the 78 or LP itself.

As far as I know, in Audacity WASAPI only works in Loopback mode where you are recording the output from your soundcard. That’s for recording streaming audio or internal computer sounds (i.e. “What-You-Hear” from your computer speakers.)

Actually it depends on you computer and drivers.

My Toshiba Satellite Laptop with Windows-7 Hop Premium 64-bit runs WASAPI fine for all inputs including from my external USB soundcard for input fro FM radio, tape deck and my record deck - it’s been my Host of choice for the past few months now.


It depends on the Audacity version. The current Audacity 2.1.0 is the first release where WASAPI host is enabled for physical inputs and not just for recording computer playback.