Which effects did this guy use for this video?

I’m using Audcaity 2.0.5 on Windows.
Hey guys i’d like to know which effects this guy used on his voice for this video. It sounds really cool and I wanna reproduce it. I’d like to know how!

Thanks guys,

Youtube link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BusGnFBjlww

I’m not hearing any effects…

I think it’s just his voice and the particular microphone.

There could be some dynamic compression and maybe some clipping (overload distortion, which is a kind of dynamic compression), and maybe some artifacts (side effects) of file compression.

The most common effects in audio are dynamic compression, equalization, and reverb.

Dynamic compression reduces the dynamic range by making loud parts quieter and/or making loud parts quieter. In practice it’s almost always used to make “everything loud”. Almost all commercial recordings have some compression. Modern pop & rap music and radio & TV commercials usually have a TON of compression.

Equalization (EQ) is used to boost or reduce various frequencies, such as boosting the bass, or boosting the highs to bring-out the “T” and “S” sounds, etc. A good recording with a good microphone should need little or no EQ. Cardioid (directional) microphones tend to boost the bass when you speak/sing closely to them, and male announcers often take advantage of that. But, I’m not hearing that kind of “deep resonant announcer voice” on that recording. (And, a lot of announcers actually have that kind of voice.)

Reverb (reverberation) is the echo-like sound you get in a concert hall or a tiled bathroom. Music usually has a little reverb, but not enough to notice. You wouldn’t normally use it with voice-over or narration and I don’t hear any on this recording.