Which effect do I need to adjust?

Ok, I am a complete amateur at this stuff, so bear with me if this is a silly question. I have a voice recording where I think maybe the person was holding the microphone too close. In any event, there is sometimes a “static-ey” noise, almost like a strong wind blowing through the mike. But it definitely is not background noise. It is most noticable when they are pronouncing Bs and Ps. I am willing to play around with the software but if somebody can narrow down the potential solutions for me i would appreciate it.

If it’s a boom or low pop type of sound then you can probably filter most of it out with the Equalizer, but from your description it sounds like the “plosives” have been so loud at to cause “clipping” distortion. The only really effective “filter” for clipping distortion is to delete and record it again.

Digital overload because of accidental high volume for almost any reason is usually fatal to the show. That’s why you always record low and mess with it later in post production.