which configurations on Windows 10 before podcasting

Hello my dear audacity-friends,
when I record a podcast with a friend (two seperate recordings), we always record the tone from the other person through our headphones.
I have looked everywhere and can’t find any solution or way not to record the other persons speech. Has it something to do how to set the configuration on my windows 10 sound system? Any idea would help me a lot.

I am confused. I really have no idea what you are asking. Perhaps you can slow down and add more detail…

I can’t either. You’re talking to someone (or other someones) in different locations and you want to record a complete podcast without echoes or other damage, right?

I think the Party Line is use Zoom and get Zoom to record the show. I think Skype has a process for that, too. That’s far easier than trying to run sound channel routing software on your machine or do it the way I do it in hardware.


I think I’m catching on. Do you hear yourself through your own headphones? Turn off Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Recording > [_]Playthrough.

You also have to do this if you’re recording musical overdubbing, too. Recording your voice against an existing backing or rhythm track.