Which Cable?

Which cable would I need to properly connect my digital piano (which has R, L/Mono and takes in two 1/4" mono jacks) to the UCA 202?

I’ve been following the “Cables and Plugs” section on this site: http://www.pianoclues.com/2008/02/15/how-to-record-digital-piano-and-keyboard-part-1-connecting-to-the-computer/ But it doesn’t have an example for connecting the piano to something like the UCA 202.


UCA202 USB connector into computer USB socket.
2 x 1/4" mono jack to 2 x RCA (phono) plugs from piano L / R to UCA 202 L / R input

This shows the UCA 202 connections:

If you are recording just one piano part, then headphones into the keyboard will probably work best. For recording multiple parts, headphones into the UCA 202

Great! Thanks.

Sorry to open up this post again, but I couldn’t find any ‘direct’ 2 x 1/4" mono jack to 2 x RCA cables.

I’m wondering if using something like this:

Plus this:

Would be the same as the above mentioned?

Thanks again.

Should work fine, just be aware that extra plug-plug connections can induce a little extra noise. Di male sure that plags and sockets are are as clean as possible before plugging the leads and adapters together (a little alcohol - vodka works fine and then wipe dry with a clean lint-free cloth). And don’t be tempted to keep un-plugging and re-plugging them.