Which audio interface?

I have an old Edirol UA-1EX interface which has served my needs for years, mainly used to record stuff I want to keep from i-player recordings. Recently though I’'ve been getting a lot of little break-ups during recordings which suggests it’s maybe time to buy a new interface. I’ve recently switched to Windows 10. Could anyone recommend a good replacement interface to suit my needs? Any further help you can give me on required cables and set-up in the simplest layman terms would also be helpful as I am a know-nothing in these things. To reiterate, almost all of my recording is of streamed audio, using only my computer and audio interface for all functions using Audaciity. Many thanks.

The break-ups may not be a fault with the with the Edirol interface , it could be “skipping” …

e.g. In the past I have used audio recording software which would only work without missing bits, (skipping), if it was given"above normal" processor priority.

Out-of-date drivers can also cause skipping : maybe a new “Windows 10” driver is required for the Edirol device , ( apparently not ) , or you may have to run the old windows 7 Edirol driver in compatibility mode when using the device with windows 10.

Thanks I’ll check the things suggested in the manual but I should have said I can hear the break-ups while monitoring the recording as it happens as well as playback.

if the Edirol UA-1EX is on its way out, i’ve been using two Focusrite interfaces aggregated together and had flawless results for 4 years, im using the focusrite scarlett 6i6 and the Saffire pro 40 both are excellent devices and should do exactly what you need them to.

The Edirol is pretty good hardware. But, knowing Roland’s drivers, it could be getting on a bit. I presume you’ve checked the Roland website for driver updates?