wheres the bass

hello all. im a new member here. ive just successfully gotten audacity to work with my mac book. im trying to record my bedroom DJ sets, and the only problem I’m having comes from the playback. it seems all the bass is gone. i spin drum and bass, and drum and bass without the bass, is just drum. so can anyone explain to me why the bass has disappeared?

Probably because you have plugged your turntable directly into your soundcard. Vinyl discs are created by applying an inverse RIAA filter during the mastering process, so you need a piece of equipment that can apply this RIAA filter to the output of your turntable in order to get the sound you want back.

You will need either a receiver with a phono input, or a phono pre-amp. Both of these will convert your signal to a Line level that you will need to plug into your soundcard’s Line Input.