Where'd the volume go?

I accidentally recorded boths sides of a cassette transfer into one Audacity file and I figured, no problem, just copy the second half of the file, open a new file, paste in it, save each separately, Bob’s my uncle.


Even though the waveform in the copied-and-pasted-elsewhere file LOOKED perfectly normal, I could barely hear the music. It was as if someone put the sound down to “1”. But I checked every setting, and it wasn’t any of that.

Is this because I had two Audacity 2.0 windows, two separate files, open at once? Or am I just lucky hitting bugs today?

I tried working the other way afterward, i.e. deleting half of the large file, saving what was left, and of course that way the file split without any problem.

I cannot reproduce that problem using Audcaity 2.0.1 on Windows 7.

Obviously, you need to downgrade to 2.0.0 and Vista, and then spend more time trying to reproduce the problem.

Ihaven’t had KoolAide all day, I’m sure it wasn’t a drug flash.