Where to source moving blankets UK?

Hi anyone know a good place?

I’ve tried eBay - quite light, could double up I guess.
Amazon - blue quilted by eventuallx - doesn’t state the weight.

Just thought I’d ask on here in case you’ve found a great source in the UK.



I assume that you want this for acoustic treating of your “studio”.
“Carpet felt” is quite a popular material - the proper old “felt” stuff, not the foam rubber type. When used on walls, it’s best supported on a frame so that there is an air gap between the felt and the wall.

An attractive alternative is to hang rugs on the walls, again with an air gap.

Moving blankets were chosen for their wide availability (in the US), effectiveness, and low cost. Their day job is to keep the credenza from smacking into the ottoman in the back of a moving van. Light duty cloth need not apply. I got mine from an actual moving company in one of the grittier, industrial sections of Los Angeles.

There are such things. It’s not all beaches and Beverly Hills.

Also, one of the design criteria was to be able to pack up and move. This was in an era when I got recording spaces in blocks of time. That gives knock-downs like this.

I can put a sound studio in the back of Lori (my lorry)

If you don’t have those restrictions, then whole vistas open up.


Where to source moving blankets UK?

Maybe the same place that can sell us “Kitchen Cabinets in Manchester.”


I think not :smiley:
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