Where to find mod-script-pipe.dll?

I can not find this in my present install. I checked the zip files for the nightlies and did not see it included it that either. Version 2.0.2

I posted this as a reply to another thread I found by googling, but then realized it was in the legacy forum (1.3.x), but since I’m new the post is not visible and I could’t delete*

The mod-script-pipe.dll is no longer distributed with Audacity, but it is still supported (experimentally) if you compile Audacity and compile mod-script-pipe.dll on the same day.

If you want to vote for mod-script-pipe support to be completed and a pre-compiled mod-script-pipe binary to be shipped with Audacity, we can record your vote.

What were you hoping to use scripting for?

I deleted your other post for you.


To control audacity remotely using Perl.

Also is there a way to insert markers at the current recording spot? I tried to insert some and it dropped them all at the beginning if the track.

Use Ctrl+M to place a marker (a label actually) at the current playback or record position.

Alternitively with care you can click and place the cursor and use Ctrl+B to place a label at the cursor position, while recording or playing.

You can move the label to adjust it while recording or playing.