where is the _data folder stored?

Hello from a new user, windows 7, audacity 2.1.3. I created a project at end of July called west.aup. I opened it once to see if it came out OK and I was able to play back the audio. I just tried to open it again and I now get a message saying “Couldn’t find the project data folder west_data”. I searched my hard drive for any files starting with “west” and several copies of west.aup turned up but no west_data. Have I lost this forever? Where should the west_data folder be? Can I get it back somehow? Thanks in advance for help, Mike T.

See this page in the Manual: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/audacity_projects.html


If Windows search couldn’t find it, it’s probably gone. The AUP file and the _DATA folder need to be in the same location or folder to find each other. If it’s not there just by looking around, that’s a serious problem.

It hasn’t happened in a long time, but some anti-virus software products don’t like Audacity files.

I would make a simple project and save it to see what Windows does. If the _DATA folder vanishes again, then there is something in your machine helping you.

You are warned not to put any leading spaces or illegal characters in a filename. Upper, lower, numbers, underscore and-dash- are the only universally safe characters.

There’s also the terrifically remote possibility you are not the only user on your machine. When was the last time you did the thorough virus check where you can’t use your machine for several hours?

Are you using the computer internal drives? There have been some evil things happen when people try to use external or cloud drives. Audacity doesn’t like that.


Do you know much room is on your hard drive?