Where is LAME?

[[Audacity 2.0.4, OSX 10.8.5]]

I have been using Audacity for some years now. I believe I was up to 2.0.3 until this morning, when I noticed 2.0.4 was available and downloaded it.

Suddenly, I can’t export to MP3 because it can’t find LAME. Gee, it was there last night.

So, I follow all instructions to download and install LAME. The installer says the installation was successful, but Audacity still can’t find it. I have quit and relaunched Audacity, I have rebooted my computer. Still nothing.

Unhiding invisible files, I can dig as far as /usr, but no further. I don’t have permission to see its contents (but that’s another question for another day).


  1. Why did installing this Audacity upgrade break everything?

  2. But more importantly, why is it not being found and what can be done about it so I can get back to work?

There was no need to re-install LAME - that’s probably why it broke, because on some machines Apple lock out access to the folder where LAME is installed.

To fix it, please follow the instructions to download the “alternative zip download for FFmpeg 0.6.2” on http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/faq_installation_and_plug_ins.html#macff .


It didn’t like the FFmpeg thing either, so I took a chance and changed the install location for LAME to the Audacity app folder itself, and everything (including me) is now happy.

The burning question, though, is what happened? As I mentioned, I have been doing the same things with Audacity for years, right up to the point where I installed the new version, and suddenly something broke.

No-one else reported a problem.

If LAME was installed to /usr before, Apple may have broken it with their recent 10.8.5 upgrade.