Where is Frequency Analysis?

I was reading a thread in another forum about using Audacity to transfer vinyl to digital, and there was a function in Audacity mentioned, Frequency Analysis, which will do exactly what I’m trying to do with Audacity. The function is supposed to be under Analyze in the menu bar, but I can’t find it anywhere. Is this a function the has been removed from Audacity?

There are two ways to do frequency analysis:

Convert the timeline to Spectrogram with the drop-down menu on the left. That’s frequency up the left and time along the bottom. There are techniques to edit that way, too.

The other way is classic analyze > Plot Spectrum. That one is frequency along the bottom and volume up the left. There is no time. Somewhere in the segment analyzed, those frequencies exist. That one you can make much more accurate by dragging the window bigger and increasing the “size” value.

Those are the only two I know of.