where is 4th decimal place?

I want to generate silence for 2.2018 seconds, but it will only let me go to 3rd decimal place, is there a work around for this?

Yes there is.

Digital audio is “quantized” as sample values, meaning that the shortest possible time period that can be defined is the time between one sample and the next. For a sample rate of 44100 Hz, the time period between consecutive samples is 1/44100 = 0.000022676 seconds, or about 0.02 ms.

Back to your question:
2.2018 seconds is 2 seconds + 0.2018 seconds.
0.2018 seconds = 0.2018 x 44100 = 8899 samples

So you can switch the time units to “hh:mm:ss+samples” and enter: 00h 00m 02s + 08899 samples.
(To change the time units, click on the little black triangle on the right hand side of the time widget.)

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