Where did the broad wiki listing go?

I went up to the index of all wiki pages and instead of three pages of articles, I got search entry boxes. This is highly not welcome news. If I wanted the search system I would have launched the search system.

Worse, the search system doesn’t default to “all.” Where is that listing of all the articles?



Particularly since there are many pages in the Wiki that are simply not navigable from the Wiki menu structure - and so are now effectively “hidden”

Though I suspect, Koz, that the forum is not the place to get this issue noticed.


Workaround: If you set as the search criteria from A to Z in the search boxes then you will get links to two pages with what looks like most of the full list broken in half.


I suspect not. You would have to select the two extremes of ascii printable characters which would turn out to be “!” (hex 21) and, I think “z” (hex 7A) Not “Z.” That’s an earlier hex value.


We upgraded the MediaWiki software for Wiki to latest 1.15.3. The Manual uses 1.15.1 and that version of the software does not have this new “system” of insisting on splitting the all pages list into two. The upgrade is also why the Sidebar has changed (Search not at the top) and why we have those horrid arrows for external links again, That will be fixed when I re-apply the custom CSS we use.

1.15.3 has some advantages - finally we get clickable image links where you can resize the image.

I don’t know if the number of pages for the all pages list can be configured in the server cfg. However I found this link:

that will at least show you the first page of all pages as a list. If you want the rest, just click the link that says “Next Page”. I’ll switch the sidebar link to use that shortly.


thanks for the heads-up Gale


Very left-brain. All these systems work by you already knowing what you want. This is walking into the Tesco and selecting “Milk” and an opaque tunnel is created directly to the milk cooler and back that doesn’t let you view anything else.

Look at what The World News has on the front page. / I didn’t know there was a wiki on Overdubbing…


I note the interface has changed again today - James made an update at 10:36 today.


Excellent, but No “S” and “T”?

OIC. Work In Progress. ‘The Next Page’ is on top.