Where can I see the used volume of older recorded tracks?

As I work on track A and set the volume of incoming audio device on level 8, I want to be able to see somewhere how much it was when I worked on it.

I worked on another track called track B on volume level 5 and then I want to work again on track A (originally recorded on volume level 8) but then by default
the level always is on the level that was used the last time. So if I open another older audacity file, the volume level is not on the level it was recorded,
its on the last level that I used.

The record level is not stored in the project, so there is no way to tell from the project what the level was. Even if it was it may not be very helpful - if you are recording from a microphone, the distance to the microphone also affects the recording volume, as does how loud the thing is that you are recording.

A common practice in professional studios is to keep a log of what microphones were used, where they were positioned, what settings were used and so on, written on paper.

Thanks for your answer.
But its strange that a softwareprogramme with so many necessary (and unnecessary knobs and windows) tools doesn’t give this information wich is essential when you have to compare between tracks or projects.

Thank’s anyway