Where can I learn how to rip concert DVDs to flac?

I am new to the Audacity forum, so if this is already discussed somewhere that I cannot find, any pointers would be greatly appreciated: thank you in advance.

In case it’s not…I have several purchased music DVDs and blu-rays that I’d like to import and convert to flac files. After I complete the import, the audio sounds very garbled, and not like when I play the DVD with the player.

Is there a thread somewhere that describes the procedure to import files from a concert DVD (for example, Crossroads Guitar Festival) and export flac files?

Thank you, again…

Most commercial DVDs are copy protected to prevent ripping, especially music DVDs.
Information about ripping DVDs can be found here: http://www.doom9.org/

There is the desperation method of playing the work and recording it in real time using the “Recording Streaming Audio” techniques. These an be a little rough to do on a Mac, but it can be done.

It’s not classic “ripping,” and you have to be willing to spend over 60 minutes copying an hour show.