Where are the previous editions?

Hey everyone, I need some help recovering a project.

I worked on my project for most of the day today finishing it but this afternoon, all of the waveforms of audio from each different sound file disappeared, leaving only the space for files and their names in the audacity working space.

Both me and my roommate have been looking up ways to recover lost files, but neither of us can find anyway to do so on my Mac system. I had saved the project multiple times as I worked, all under the same file name.

Can I fix the mistake of accidentally saving the bad file? I freaked out when I saw it, hit Ctrl+S and closed my computer. Can I go back to a previous save?

Please help, project due tomorrow!! :blush:


Previous editions:


Scroll down.

This is all I got:



Did Audacity crash? If not, http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/recovery.html is not relevant.

If you kept saving as the same project name, rather than Save Project As to different names, you don’t have any other versions of the project to go back to.

This problem might have happened if you were using a flaky external drive as your Audacity temporary folder. Or it might have happened if the files you imported were WAV’s or AIFF’s stored on a flaky external drive and you had not copied in the files to the project.

I suggest you reopen the saved project and attach the log from Help > Show Log… . Also open Audacity > Preferences…, Directories section and tell us where your Audacity temporary folder is.

If the problem is a flaky external drive, open File > Check Dependencies… and copy in any files that are shown as dependencies. Then File > Save Project As… to your hard drive or other reliable drive.