Where are plugins?

I have just installed 2.0.2 as well as the LADSPA plug ins. Where ARE those plugins installed, anyway? And is there any way to have them, as well as those that are part of Audacity itself, to be available to Digital Performer (7.24)? When I open DP those plugins are not visible.

I’m on OS 10.8.2


Digital Performer does not support LADSPA plug-ins.

/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/LADSPA, if you did not change the package installation directory.



Actually, no, that’s not where they are. I didn’t change anything during the installation, just had the installer put them where ever it put them. Searching for ‘LADSPA’ doesn’t bring up anything either . . . Yet they appear in the application, so they must be somewhere

Actually, I tested the installer before replying ( http://ardour.org/files/releases/swh-plugins-0.4.15.dmg ).

I agree Finder often does not search folders it thinks you should not mess with, though I cannot understand the rules it operates by.

Have you tried Go > Go to Folder in Finder and typing