Where are plugins stored

Kubuntu 19.04, Audacity 2.3.2, from distribution

This is a new install and I was looking at plugins to enable and found that when you do, that a little box pops up that gives you the path to the plugin, so I opened up my file manager and went looking for it (/use/share/audacity) and found that it did not exist. At first blush this seems not to be possible so could anyone tell what I am missing please.

I found out what the problem was, a bloody snap installation.

Thanks for the update. Could you add a bit more detail / explanation for the benefit of any other users that may be experiencing the same problem.

Basically Snaps are self contained and not permitted to search (read or write) to other areas of your system outside of the snap package. Why anyone would make a snap package of this sort of program, which is dependent on plug-ins is very hard to understand.

OK, got you. Thanks.
So the problem was that you were using a Snap packaged version of Audacity, and you were not able to install plug-ins, because that’s a limitation of the Snap package. Is that right?

That is absolutely correct. The normal deb installation works with no problems loading plug-ins.