When zoomed in any edit ..ie..cut, paste zooms back out

I am on Audacity 2.4.2 and have an iMac with mackOS 10.12.6 Sierra

When i’m zoomed in on a track waveform and I do a cut, paste or region divide…etc…the views would always zoom back out.

Is this normal or how can I go about stopping this?


I can’t reproduce that, or I misunderstand what you mean.
Please give exact step by step instructions to illustrate what you mean.

I can’t reproduce that on my Macbook Pro with macOS 11.0.1 Bug Sur with 2.4.2 or the latest alpha test build i have for the upcoming 3.0.0

Nor can I reproduce it my W10 PC


Basically, when zoomed in say with a stereo track L&R. When I perform any edit…like cutting, region divide…etc…the view would zoom back way out.

It did not do it at first. But shortly after. Now it does it all the time.

If I re-install the software, it would be fine…but again after a few edits it would do it again.

Is there an option in the preferences that is enabled that does this?

Not that I’m aware of.

You can zoom out so that the full project fits into the window with “Ctrl + F”.
There are several other zoom commands: Zooming Overview - Audacity Manual

The only automatic zoom that Audacity has, is when you import a file.

region divide ?