when trying to record always snaps to end of song

Hi I am new to Audacity, though not to multi track recording, used to use Adobe Audition. Now when i am trying to add tracks and hit record button, it snaps tot he ends of the song and starts recording from there. How do I fix this? Thanks! Willow

Use Shift + Record to record to a new track.

See: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/recording.html#newtrack


Thank you! What if I have created a new track, and want to record on it, without creating a whole other new track? Can’t seem to insert recording in places, because it always snaps to the end.

  1. Ensure that the number of channels selected in the Device Toolbar matches the number of channels in the track that you wish to record into.

  2. Click on the empty track at the point where you want recording to start.

  3. Press “R” (or click the Record button).