When saving to MP3 I want to keep recorders name!

when saving a certain part of the recording, the box that appears asks for name of the recorder, name of species/cut etc…
Can I /could someone do so I do not need to type my own name each and every time I save a file?
This would help a lot!!
Yours Stein, Norway

If you are using Export Multiple and want to avoid typing in the same information for each file in the export, see here http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/metadata_editor.html .

When using Export Multiple, it’s often easier to uncheck “Show Metadata Editor before export step” in Import / Export Preferences, then enter any tags common to all tracks at File > Open Metadata Editor… before exporting. Audacity will then add the automatically generated Track Title and Track Number tags for each exported file without the Editor appearing.