When recording internally right channel is always louder?!

Okay so I have a three year old dell laptop, im trying to use audacity 2.0.0 and whenever I hit record just using internal sounds the right channel is always about twice as loud no matter what i do, also, I do not have the stereo mix option on my computer. Is there any way to get around this with audacity? I have three “devices” in my “recording devices” menu, they are “microphone/line in” / “microphone array” / and “rec. Playback”, I am using windows 7… I have switched most of the combinations of options around and can’t figure out the problem which I would think this should be simple; i used to record sounds internally a bout 8 years ago and ive recorded over 1,00 files, why this is hard to now for me i dont know… I have about 12 audio recording/editing programs on this computer and have experienced nothing like this any time recently… update: looks like i dont have the stereo mix option on my laptop to try to block me from freee sampling and i have tried recording intgernally in sound forge also and its doing the same thing, audio much louder on the right channel… please help me if you know what the problem is… thank you

Stereo-Mix, WAV-Out, and What-U-Hear are the tools that Windows and your sound card provide so you can record Sounds Playing on the Computer. If you can’t find any of those “devices”, recordings should be silent. how are you recording internal sound at all?

Some computers cheat a little and go to analog sound and back in the sound card to provide this service. Those computers are affected by the volume and balance of your speaker settings. If you’re recording the built-in microphone by accident, then that balance control is active.


I have about 12 audio recording/editing programs on this computer

What do you do that requires so many programs? Each one tries to set up your computer its own way and you could have conflicts.