When recording I only get a white noise or strange clicking

Hi, I recently started to use Audacity. I like it but for some reason a few weeks ago I must have changed something
and now when I record it only plays this scary white noise, if it doesn’t play that it records even stranger beeping and clicking
noises. Around the time this started happening I tried installing a plug in and failed.

I want to record from my laptops microphone, and there are only 3 options
in preferences:
“Microsoft Sound Mapper -Input”
“Microphone [Conexant High Definition]”
“Microphone [Screaming Bee Audio]” (This option showed up after I tried and failed installing the plugin. :cry:

I’m pretty new at this
but have tinkered with the sound settings.

I’ve set it to everything possible and all I get is a headache.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. :smiley:

Uninstall that program and try Audacity again when the screaming bee stuff is completely removed.