When recording I get loud hiss noise


When recording and even before talking I hear my voice very eque accompanied with loud hiss noise when I talk then the hissing noise starts and continues for a bit and I can hear my typing on the keyboard via the software? Any ideas? or a way to reset the software ,please?

I have attached a sample file to explain it a bit more.

Many thanks in advance

You have a lot of problems.

That ringing or singing means you are recording and playing at the same time and that’s feedback similar to a club when the band gets their microphones up too loud. Eeeeeee___eeeeeeeeEEEEEE.

If you can hear typing very loud, then you are probably using the laptop built-in microphone whether or not you have any other microphone connected. You can steer the software to use one microphone and not others. If the computer gets confused, it may switch to Safe Harbor which is the built-in.

The sudden silence and then voice is probably caused by voice processing in the machine. That can come from Skype, Chat, or conferencing software running at the same time as your voice. In Windows, that’s actually a setting, but on a Mac, that’s probably other software.

Which would you like to hit first? This could take a long time. Do you have anybody there who can help? I’m not sure even an Apple Genius Bar can unscramble this.

Describe your system in detail. Which Mac? Which microphone and how are they connected? We may need to look up your devices, so include part and model numbers. For example, pretend I want to buy your exact microphone.

What’s the job or goal? Why are we doing this?


One other note. Audacity does not apply effects, filters or corrections during recording. It just records what the computer sends it. So your machine is actually doing all that.


Thanks a lot for the help Koz. I have mac air 2014 and it runs the latest macos. Do you have some steps that I can follow to choose one mic?

I have mac air 2014 and it runs the latest macos.

Catalina? 10.15?

Add one problem.

Audacity 2.3.2 version is 64-bit, so it does work under Catalina, but it may not accept sound from an external microphone. We’re tracking this down.

We do need a couple of more answers. What is the job? What’s the microphone and how is it connected?



Yes, I have Catalina installed (the latest on my macboom air) I am using mainly for podcasts and have a Rōde podcaster.

Many thanks


Any ideas yet? Cheers!