When I'm recording, sounds fine. When I playback...nothing

I took my computer, mic, cords and interface to an audio tech at Sam Ash who said it was strange that this was happening. When I record audio, I can hear myself in the headset. But when I play it back through Audacity it sounds muffled. Actually, there is no sound at all now! The audio tech tried everything, making sure then inputs and outputs were correct and he said this is an Audacity thing because the playback worked when he hooked my interface and headset to his own station. He advised that I just use another DAW. I was going to uninstall the program and use Adobe, maybe, but perhaps someone might know what is going on here? I uninstalled and reinstalled audacity already and reset my interface. What is the problem that I cannot hear any playback in my headphones or on the computer mic? Thanks.


Does your interface have direct hardware monitoring, where the monitoring doesn’t go-through the computer? (That’s a good feature because it eliminates latency but it might lead you to misdiagnose the problem.)

Make sure Windows “enhancements” are turned OFF. Audacity doesn’t mess-with the audio during recording but Windows can.

Adobe Audition is a subscription now and that makes it unattractive to me. But at one time it was super-popular.

GoldWave ($60 USD after free trial, then with free lifetime upgrades) is an audio editor “similar” to Audacity. (I don’t consider either one to be a full-DAW.)

Some interfaces come with a “lite” version of a DAW.

…If you get a “real DAW” that supports ASIO drivers, and if your interface supports ASIO, that should make it impossible for Windows to Monkey with the sound (as long as you avoid the regular Windows drivers).

Thank you!

I followed your instructions to disable the enhancements, but my menu did not have that enhancements menu. (Just General, Levels, Advanced, Spatial Sound tabs.)
So I fooled around a bit and found myself on the levels tab. (I tried to upload a picture but it wouldn’t let me because I am a new user on the forum.)

The levels tab showed that my headset level was at 24 with the little volume button showing a red stop image, but my speakers were at 100. I’m assuming the red stop image means it’s muted even though it was at 24? IDK… I leveled the headset up to 100 and dis abled the mute icon and now I am able to hear the audio through my headphones. (Before it wouldn’t come through my PC or headphones, weird!) I don’t know if this action will stick though. I have NO idea how that could have been changed. My volume settings that I mess around with on my taskbar had the computer speakers and headsets up to 100 already. The man from Sam Ash was a little confused as to why the audio was not working properly. I could listen YouTube videos just fine through my headset, too! Just nothing in playback from Audacity.

Anyway it seems to be working…for now. If I have any other issues I’ll definitely update this post! But I must say, this experience really soured my desire to continue with Audacity. I’m trying to do professional voiceover, I’m just starting out. And I can’t really afford to have these kinds of issues in the future. I really can’t afford Adobe Audition either :confused:

Thank you so much for helping me!! I really appreciate it! <3

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