When I try to record on a second stereo track, it default records on first track. Need assistance

In the latest version of audacity, if I have two stereo tracks pulled up, and I try to record on the second track, it automatically starts recording on the first track above it. How can I fix this?

Hi Kingflex. I am new to Audacity and don’t actually have an answer to your question, but I have a question of my own. Does one need to create a “new” project every time they are recording something, or as I think you are explaining, you have “multiple tracks in one window”. I guess my question is, how do I generate a “second track” under the first one, for a related recording, just as your question is, how do you get Audacity to record the second track, instead of the first. I guess I will be wrestling with your problem after mine is solved…

No, Audacity is a multi-track editor/recoder,

Press Shift + Record to record on a new track


Audacity will record in whichever track has Focus (the yellow border).

In your use case just click anywhere in the waveform of the second track and Focus will transfer there.

Note that if you set the cursor in the blank space to the right of any audio in your second track and then press Record, recording will then start from that cursor position and not the end of the track.


What he said.

Record and Shift+Record reverse each other depending on the setting in Preferences > Recording > [_] Record On A New Track.


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