When i take out my backround noise the track sounds weird

It is almost like a real quite white noise it sounds like air is going through my mic

i have a hp pavilion desktop nothing special ive been doing this project and this noise is driving me crazy

i have a usb lightsnake that i use for keyboard and elctric guitar and a samson r10s for acoustic guitar and vocals

obviously i run audacity but ive try compressing it out noise removal high pass filter lowpass filters equilization

if you go to generate click white noise and turn the gain almost all the way down that what it sounds like and ive tried to play over it but if i play louder it just
gets distorted and the noise is still there pretty much thts it plain out and simple

my question is there a plug in or a trick to get it out cause its annoying me?

im kinda new but not really so be patient with me please give me an answer pleeeeeezzzzzz


ps when i do take out the noise get this high pitched squeaky thing and my guitar and vocals sound synthed all the tone is gone

Are you on a PC? You can try to install Audacity 1.3. The noise reduction tools in 1.3 were, in my opinion, much better and much less likely to damage your show. You can install both Audacity 1.2 and 1.3 as long as you don’t use them both at once.

Any noise reduction software needs to get a Noise Profile to work right. Find a segment of your show that’s noise only–no performance, voices, or instruments and use that for your profile. Audacity (and other noise tools) will try to subtract everything in that sample from the show. A common error is to get the profile from a segment that has people talking quietly in the background. Audacity will try to subtract human voices from your show!


Rough to get rid of white noise. In Audacity 1.3 Noise Reduction, try these settings:

Noise Reduction -12 to -18
Frequency Smoothing 150 to 300
Attack/Decay 0

…and then juggle settings and see what happens.

There re no good settings in Audacity 1.2.

If you have frying noise all the time, then the LightSnake isn’t doing a very good job. If you connect all your equipment like you normally do and then don’t turn any of it on, launch Audacity and click once inside the red record meters. They will wake up and show you the noise signals without you needing to go into full-on capture. Mess around disconnecting connecting things until you find which equipment is noisy. If you disconnect everything and the noise doesn’t go away, that’s probably the LighSnake.

You might need to change the sizes of your windows so the meters are nice and big.

The bouncing lights should be in the -50 to -60 range for music.

To get a little more exotic, it is possible to get noise from a bad USB connection. The USB error correction goes nuts and creates its own noise. Can you try the LightSnake in another computer? Or unplug and replug a couple of times?


well i downloaded that onto my pc and now every time i try noise reduction it closes out lol.

but thanks for the suggestions


ps do you have any suggestions on how i should record my acoustic guitar or electric guitar besides what im doing? if you do id love to hear them

This is where you get killed by not posting in the right place on the forum. The forum has sections for Windows, Mac, etc. and the different versions of Audacity.

I have some very definite ideas if your on a Mac.


Well does this mean Windows XP, Linux Ubuntu, or …? Noise Removal should not be crashing. Launch Audacity 1.3.6, Generate > White Noise at 0.1 amplitude and then Effect > Noise Removal and grab the Noise Profile. Does it crash?

You need to follow Koz’s advice about checking the background noise levels with the two different USB devices. Eliminate the noise at source, not remove it afterwards. I’d think the Lightsnake needs to be carefully tested for noise, it’s cheap, very small considering it’s effectively a sound recording device, and has variable reviews:

Don’t leave it plugged in while you are recording the acoustic guitar and vocals. And irrespective of noise, is what you actually record with the Samson getting close to -0 on the red recording meter? If not, you need to turn the input level up.

Obvious question, you are connecting into a spare USB port, not a hub? Do you need USB? Unless you have a really poor inbuilt sound device, or no line-in on the computer, USB is often not much of an advantage. If it works right you would expect there to be much less “static” in the sound because the device is not inside the computer, but in practice white noise/whistling is a common problem with USB recording devices. If you need a USB input for your guitar, a Griffin iMic (unless you’re on Vista) or a Behringer UCA 202 would probably be worth the extra $30.


Well now ive got everything to work correctly =)
But you said something about hiting 0 on the red bar and i’m only hitting -6 and my input is all the way up what should i do
my acoustic isnt electric so i can’t use anything other than the mic
So is there a technique that would make it sound louder
I’m sorry about all the questions every other time ive recorded things have been pre-set

Thanks Steven

You should never hit 0 on the red bar - as soon as you do you will get distortion. -6dB should be fine. You can increase it to 0dB (I usually go a little lower, say -0.3dB) before you Export your edited audio, by using the “Amplify” effect.

I said “close to 0”, not to hit it. -6 is fine if you have fixed the background noise problem. The usual reason for such is poor/loose cables or connections - always pay attention to those on USB.

If you still have the noise you may want to aim for -1 as a peak. If the mic is not getting above -6, go to the system mixer (on Windows that would be “Sound”, “Sounds and Audio Devices” or similar in the Control Panel), select the mic in the recording section and see if there is any checkbox like “boost” or “AGC” by the volume slider. Note this might be behind an “Advanced” button.

Please, always tell us your operating system and version of Audacity. The best way to do that is to post into the appropriate forum (such as Stable 1.2.x, Windows). Only post to a general forum like this for some topic that is not an Audacity problem and is completely independent of operating system (such as “How far away from the microphone should I record”?).



ok thanks guys ive fixed the original problems thanks for the help it really worked