When I Playback my Recording, it's Recorded All Outside Noise Too, Including Me Singing!

Hi all,

I’m very new to this and not that technologically minded so please bear with me…

I recorded a mix from my 2 decks using an IRig 2 interface from my mixer direct to my laptop. It recorded fine, but the playback was poor and I could hear everything externally too - my own voice / phone beeping etc…

What am I doing wrong please?

You’re recording from the mic built-into your laptop. You need to select the correct Recording Device (Don’t select anything that says “loopback”).

Does your mixer have USB?

For “decent results”, you’ll need a USB interface or a mixier with USB.

Is the iRig or the mixer plugged into the computer?

If the iRig is plugged into your computer, it looks like it’s made to plug-into a mic-headphone combo jack. Is that what your laptop has? You’d need to select “external microphone” as your recording device.

Thanks for the help Doug!

Yeah, that’s the issue, I just wasn’t sure how to change it.

My mixer doesn’t have a USB sadly…

The IRig is plugged into the laptop so yeah, I’d say you’re correct there. I’ll have a play around with it all later and see what I can do, your guidance is appreciated :slight_smile:

Mine doesn’t either.

That’s a Behringer UCA-202. It’s stereo line level in and out (not microphone) and it can monitor the show, both directions, with a headphone connection. I have three.


Cool, thanks v much Koz, I’ve seen these before actually, should do the trick, appreciate the advice and suggestion.

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