When i play very-high decibel audio wich i edited in audacity , on VLC player , it plays the original audio

i dont know why this happens cause it can play on windows media player normally with the decibels , but i tried it on VLC and it plays the default decibels , any help please?

Possibly VLC has downward dynamic-range-compression engaged.

What does that mean? MOST audio already has peaks of 0dBFS (or nearly 0dB) which is the “digital maximum” and it can’t be boosted (linearly) without (potential) clipping/distortion.

Some formats can go over 0dB but you’ll clip your DAC if you play it at “full digital volume”. (VLC’s volume control actually goes over 100% so it can clip your DAC with files that don’t go over 0dB.)

Files that are highly compressed/limited or clipped will sound louder with the same peaks as a more dynamic (less compressed) recording. (Loudness War)

What is the peak level? Run the Amplify effect and it will default to whatever up or down change is needed for 0dB peaks. For example, if the peaks are currently -3dB, Amplify will default to +3dB. You can cancel the effect after checking.

What’s the format? (MP3, WAV, etc.?) And the format details? …Bitrate, sample rate, bit depth, or whatever you know.

Did you export to the same format as the original?

What kind of edits?

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