When I export to MP3, the files show up blank..? [SOLVED]

So, I have been working on mixing together a couple tracks using Audacity, and whenever I try to export the projects as MP3s, they show up as blank files:

I haven’t used Audacity recently, other than right now, and I know it used to work for me. I just installed the newest version and also the newest version of LAME. Why is it doing this and how do I fix it?

Okay, so I just put each little track piece to a mono track from a stereo track. When I exported, it exported to MP3 on the first try… Why can’t I export while having them as stereo tracks? It sounds way better…

Do you mean the files are just shown as a “file” in Windows rather than an MP3?

If so the solution is either to not add dots into the file name, or if you do, add the MP3 extension ( a dot followed by “MP3” ) at the end of the file name:


See here for more explanation Audacity Manual .

Is this the reason rather than to do with stereo or mono?


Wow, I feel really stupid right now. It was definitely the period. Thank you so so much!

Thanks for confirming. :smiley: