When Effects menu is taller then screen height

Windows 7 64-bit - Audacity 2.2.0-beta-Sep 1 2017 - .exe-installer

When i holde the cursor at “File” and click the menu unfolds below the cursor.
Then i move the cursor to the left and each menu unfolds below the menus.
Untill i get to Effect which is so tall (taller then the screen) that part of the menu unfolds on the title bar and menu bar covering the menu bar.
So i cant move the cursor to the right to undfold the Analyse menu because its covered by the unfolded Effects menu.
So i have to move he cursor left to unfold the Generate menu then up on the title bar to til right to avoid the Effects menu and then down on the Analyse menu.

I would like the menu to undfold more smart. Like below the menu or whatever is smart.
I guess if the window is at the bottom of the screen its not always good to only unfold below menu.
Also if i click the Effects menu directly it unfolds to the right.
But if i click one of the other menus first and move the cursor to the Effects menu it unfolds on top of the Effects menu covering it.

This type of behaviour is platform specific. WxWidgets attempts to provide graphical elements that are in keeping with the platform on which the application is running. Audacity uses WxWidgets so that we don’t need to write multiple versions of Audacity. Basically there is one version of Audacity, and WxWidgets handles the platform specific aspects, so in short, there’s probably not much that we can do about this.

You can get a shorter Effect menus if you “Group by Type” (see: http://alphamanual.audacityteam.org/man/Effects_Preferences)

Now its to short with “Group by Type” not using enough of the screen.
I’m kidding :laughing:

I notice that “Nyquist Prompt” stand out. How come that is?
Like i got two Nyquist submenus in Effects menu and in one of them there is only “Nyquist Prompt”.
Maybe “Nyquist Prompt” should have special position like be a menu item of Effects menu og at the very bottom or top of the submenu with a separator line to show it stands out from the rest.

Perhaps the “Audacity” submenu should be called “Built-In” or “Built-In Effects” instead?

Also in Analyse there is Contrast and Show spectrum which are not inside the submenu where Find clippings is.
Should they not all three be inside the same submenu?


The “Nyquist Prompt” does not really belong in the Effect menu at all, but there isn’t a better place to put it.
The Nyquist Prompt is “built-in”, but by itself it doesn’t do anything. It is not itself an “effect” but more like “a plug-in host”. Nyquist code can be run in the Nyquist Prompt to act like an effect, or a generator, or an analysis plug-in.

Yes that has been considered, but so far we’ve stayed with “Audacity”.

These are also oddballs. Technically they are not “built-in effects” in the same way that “Find Clipping” (or any other built-in effect). Really they should be converted to proper “built-in effects”, but no-one has got round to doing that yet.