When dragging my mouse to highlight a section of audio to cut - the highlighting does not match the position of my cursor

When I drag my cursor on a track to highlight a section of audio to cut, the visually highlighted section on that region stops about 1cm behind my mouse cursor. The slower I move my mouse, the more the highlighting lags behind. It’s inconsistent as to how the highlighting follows my mouse/cursor. It doesn’t change if I tick or untick the snap box. Oddly, the Timeline bar, above the track, accurately shows my cursor position and movement all the time (shows a dark grey highlight above the track). The edit cut will still happen where my cursor is, but it just makes it really difficult to see exactly where you’re going to cut. This never happened before on my PC, only when using Audacity on a Macbook Pro 14 for the first time (I installed the Mac version avoiding .dng). Any ideas how to solve this? Many thanks! Mark

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I have this exact issue on a 2022 Mac Mini, started in the last couple of weeks. I just updated to 3.3 and the issue persists.

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