When doing multiple exporting, the metadata is changed and adds track numbers before title.

Is there anyway to disable editing any of the metadata within the music files when performing multiple exporting? Every time I sync my music to iTunes, I have to delete and retype the original metadata that was in the files under Title. Very frustrating and inconvenient. (Doesn’t do that when exporting one song at a time but that’s very time consuming.) Using Windows 11 Pro, Audacity Version 3.1.3 Thank you.

For metadata editing I use [u]MP3Tag[/u]. You can select all of the files in a folder and enter/edit the common information once (including album artwork which Audacity doesn’t support).

Then you can edit the song titles and track numbers for each song individually. There are also features for copying the file name into the track title or vice-versa, or you can copy & paste, etc.

…Personally, I don’t bother with Export Multiple. I’m not otherwise using labels so I just select and export one song at a time (Export Selected Audio). And frequently I take another step to re-open the file and trim the silence, and that way I don’t have to be as precise with the original selection and I can take-out extra silence.

Basically when performing multiple exporting, is there a way to prevent the filenames to be copy to the title in the metadata of the music files? :imp: