When Audacity suddenly doesn't display text correctly

Hello everyone! I’ve got a question… I use Audacity a lot, since I’m a podcast and audiobook producer. But a few weeks ago, the program suddenly ceased to display text, as in the parameters show no numbers, the tracks’ names aren’t there, etc. Instead, all I see is squares with tiny numbers inside where letters should be. This is quite problematic because I can’t see the seconds and minutes in the timeline or anything else for that matter… What’s interesting is a few days earlier I removed some fonts from my system (Linux Mint), including several (or many) fonts from the Noto family. Don’t ask why :sob:

Now, I know probably the issue was caused by deleting one specific font. Does any of you know which font Audacity specifically requires or uses to display text? Is there any way to change the program’s font? Got any other advice to help me solve the problem? I’d be very grateful if any of you could give me a hand.

Thanks a lot for reading!

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