When are you going to Batch features?

I have to split thousands of joined sound clip files separately, and my finger is getting swollen, having to do each, one by one.

See here in the manual: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/macros.html

More specifically, I take a directory of 99 files, and do the same thing to each one. They split up into 2 to 15 separate tiny files. I don’t see anything that does real traditional batch processing, on multiple files at once. I’m also trying to multi export thus and it’s not listed in the macros.

What do you mean by “real traditional batch processing”?
Do you know of some other application that does “multi export” in batch processing?

In your manual, it reads:

Apply Macro to
Both the Macros dialog and the Macro Palette dialog have ‘Apply Macro to’ Buttons.
Project: Use the Project button to apply the selected Macro to the current project.
Files: Use the Files… button to apply the selected Macro to selected external audio files that are in a single directory.

It would help if I could recognize a label saying “Batch Processing.” I didn’t see the idea in the last line, when I skimmed over it.
I mean Export Multiple, that isn’t in your macros yet. It makes an impass for me right now, for batching.