when adding track titles recording disappears [SOLVED]

Hello to all
I am new to using audacity. I am using windows 10 ,I down loaded the newest version 2.1.1 using exe installer,
I did my first recording I successfully recorded a whole LP, successfully removed clicks, and successfully separated tracks. :confused:
while I was titling the tracks, I was able to title 10 of the 11 when doing the last one everything disappeared. The main title shows in a file on file finder but
no music or graph of the music what did I do wrong , where did it go, and what can I do to not repeat my mistake ???

What security products are running on your computer?

We’ve had a number of reports recently of security products such as McAfee, “eating” the project data files. If this happens, the project will play as silence and as soon as there is a refresh of the waveform graphic, the waveform becomes a flat line. Does that fit with the symptoms that you saw? If so, then it “may” be possible to recover the project if the security product has “quarantined” the data files, but more likely the data has been deleted. To prevent it from happening again you would need to go into the settings for the security product and tell it to not delete files in the Audacity temp directory. The location of the temp directory can be found by looking in Audacity:
“Edit menu > Preferences > Directories”.

Just to add that 2.1.2 when released will no longer allow you to set a temporary directory that is at risk from clean up apps.


I checked the settings on Norton 360, and checked the quarantine. its gone. i also spent some time on the phone with symamatec techie’s on the subject of settings I will be attempting to record the album again tomorrow. I will update my post as to my success or failure I should be able to save the recording then input Track titles etc… if i read info i found correctly.

But in the meantime, the best way to avoid aggressive cleanup of temporary workfiles by a virus checker is to as soon as you open Audatity and before you start the recording save the project to a location of your choosing on your user space (somewhere within your “Documents” folder or one of its subfolders).

It’s not strictly necessary to save a project when you are just recording, doing minor editing, and then exporting audio files - but what this does is to avoid using the temporary files folder. Once completed then just delete the project - the .aup file and its associated folder, see this page in the Manual: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/audacity_projects.html

But once 2.1.2 is out then you should no longer have to do this if you don’t want to.


There is no way in Norton to exclude the Audacity 2.1.1 or earlier default temporary directory.

In Settings > Tasks Scheduling > Scheduling you can set the radio button for “Manual Schedule”. This turns off all the Norton automatic tasks. When you want to clean, do it manually.

Or, retain automatic cleanup but turn off Norton’s “Windows Temporary file cleaner” which is what causes the problem.


I turned off the automatic feature for Norton 360 windows temp files
I am about to retry recording. I will let all know the outcome.
there is however a remote chance that I had a case of clumsy fingers and hit the control instead of shift when entering
the track title.

Gale, all,
I was successfully able to both save and label the files after changing the AV temp file clean up settings
(Norton 360)
Thanks Matt,
I might be doing another post regarding mp3 and wav files after i review the FAQ’s…

Good, I will make this [SOLVED] and lock the topic.

Please start a new topic for any other questions you may have.