whats wrong with audacity stereo?

I am just a little bit hacked off. Only a little bit because of my use of the eq presets i have they fixed the sound so well that the mediaplayer plug in I use for wide stereo kept me from noticing the song was dual channel mono.

now 1 song isn’t bad. But I put albums in at fasterthantheir playback speed so by the time I looked up at the vumeters I’ve got over 1000 songs and 70 albums I had put in. That’s just the last week.
this win7 64 bit version is the one I use. The old xp 32 bit did stereo. So is this audacitys error or the windows usb driver?

Audacity works fine with stereo.
When recording, ensure that Audacity is set to record “2 channels (stereo)” in the device toolbar, and ensure that your capture device is set to record 2 channel stereo in the Windows Sound Control Panel.

Thanks for the answer it was windows for some reason the system has been crashing doing recording I guess one of those times it reset some options on the reboot. Xp use to do that I thought win 7 was better? But it’s still windows.

I was given a Win7 machine to test and I couldn’t get the sound to work right. Turns out they left Theater Sound Effects running and didn’t tell me. Just enough different that all the stereo sound tests failed.

I put albums in at fasterthantheir playback speed

You, what now?

the system has been crashing doing recording

So you have an unstable machine.


The words ran together typing on this cell phone. It was to read “faster then their” meaning i put them in fast and use audacity tool effect for speed to slow them down.

no my system is not unstable I found the lav files are placing icons in the system tray and not removing them. So audacity is causing the issue some how. :confused:

Oh yes it is, if the system crashes when you record. Audacity does not have kernel permissions to crash the system, but bad hardware or device drivers still can do so. Have a good read of http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/faq_errors.html#reboot.


I’ve got latest drivers I update them weekly just to find anything newly released. But I do have dual audio controls in the tray one isn’t used might be that.? I did just move the usb cord for the sv switch to a powered usb hub that might be why it didn’t crash today? The mouse and keyboard was freezing on me so I’m not sure but thought it was low on power as the usb printer and usb external drive also needed the powered hub but I had moved them there months ago. I did same thing to the usb turntable months ago. I wonder if the on mb usb has a power issue? But no crash and no lav files today so far. Means it must be fixed.

If you are using proprietary driver checking software to do that, I would be careful. A lot of that type of software adds spyware and malware to your computer.

Even if you have a powered hub, if you connect a USB audio device to it that is all you should connect to the hub. Otherwise you may get dropouts when recording.

USB hubs that just connect to a USB port on the computer should not be used at all for audio.

If you have not already done so, have a look in Device Manager to see if there are any yellow exclamation marks by USB controllers or any other hardware.