What's this noise?

Sometimes, expecially at the beginning of a recording, I get a weird brief popping noise (listen to the example attached).
What’s the cause of that and how could I get rid of it?
Thank you!

It sounds like it could be a cousin to a data management problem.


Audio (and video) production stresses a computer. A lot of work has to happen in real time with no gaps, or odd timing problems. Underpowered, busy or full computers can run out of resources and start making holes in the show.


Could it be because I was recording at 192.000 Hz 24bit?
Should I revert to 48hz?

48000 or 44100 (Video Sound and CD) are both supported sample rates. Yes, try that and see if the problems go away.

You should have a very clear reason for using super high sample rates. It’s most unlikely you’re going to need them for any casual recording and they can, as you’re finding, create new problems.

Also, Audacity is an audio production editor, not a WAV recorder. This regularly kills scientists when they find that occasionally, Audacity will trade absolute, perfect data accuracy for something that sounds good.


Thank you! :slight_smile: