Whats this annoying echo sound

I’ve got this annoying echo type sound on my recording , I’ve looked at FAQs and similar threads but so far nothing has fixed it.
If you can hear my voice on the attached recording the sound quality is fine its just this annoying echo/reverb type thing.Im only in my living room !
According to the faqs ive done the following;

Downloaded latest sound drivers
Turned OFF software play-through
Tried disabling windows audio out
Recording in Stereo or mono no difference

Im using
Condenser Mic with Phantom power through a plug and play mixer to USB
Windows 7 version Home prem 64 bit
Audacity opened via ZIP file
Any help would be great as i want to keep using Audacity im not getting the eho when i record on the laptops internal mic

I got stuck with that once. One of the other engineers left "Windows Concert Hall Effects running on the machine I was testing. Once I knew that it wasn’t hard to find. I don’t remember exactly where to look and that may not be the exact name, but that’s the idea.


Thanks for the reply the solution for anyone with similar issues was simply the AUX pre/gain and post gain on the external mixer !