What's the name of that voice effect?

Could somebody help me and tell the name of voice effect used in that video( from 0:28 to 0:35, when that “Mummy” sings):

It’s a MIDI controlled “auto-tune” type effect.
It’s like the so called “T-Pain” effect nut has been pitch shifted up a bit.

Next you are going to ask how to do that in Audacity.
Audacity does not support MIDI control, but if you are on Windows you may be able to approximate a similar effect by using GSnap (free) or Antares Auto-tune (commercial) with extreme settings (Google for: Audacity T-Pain GSnap) and then pitch shifting with the “Change Pitch” effect.

I don’t have Windows, I use only Linux… Did anybody know any good plugin for Linux for “auto-tune” effect and how to install it?

The only “auto-tune” type of effect that I’m aware of for Linux is “autotalent

If you use Fedora then it is available from the Fedora Updates repository using yum.
For other Linux distributions I think that you would need to build it from the source code (see the autotalent website for details and support).