Hello, can anybody help .I have just finished recording a few hours of my audiobook… I saved the file in Audacity and that is where the fun starts. On trying to open the file to edit it says the FILE IS ALREADY OPEN IN ANOTHER WINDOW,I have tried to find this “other window” and cannot find it anywhere. Have tried turning computer off and restart but it still keeps saying the same… How can I get my file back??
Thanking you.

Was that the full and exact error message? If so, then it’s not an Audacity error message (no error messages in Audacity are all upper case).

SOUL SAFARI CHAPTER ONE Is already open in another window… The file title is upper case as I typed it and the message is lower…

How are you doing that? Are you trying to open it from Audacity’s “File menu > Open” command, or some other way?

Just open command as that is the easiest route and the only route I know…

Quit Audacity (“File menu > Exit”).
If/when prompted to save, select either “Yes” or “No” but not “Cancel”.
That shoud close all Audacity windows, including the one that you can’t find.

Thanks a bunch Steve. will do.