What to do with Dropout Track created during save

I recorded an episode of my podcast yesterday, and when I saved the project, it said that it couldn’t find certain audio. There are gaps - roughly a couple of seconds apiece - in part of the episode in which my audio is either very faint or missing entirely.

Audacity created a track called “Dropouts” that coincides with these gaps. Is there any way to recover the audio?


A “dropout” is when some of the audio data was “dropped” (lost) somewhere along its journey from the sound card to the hdd (or SSD). Dropped data cannot be recovered, because the data does not exist (it is lost and gone forever).

“Very faint” audio is a different issue from “dropouts”. When there is a dropout (also called an “xrun”), the audio data is “missing” (completely).

What you need to do is to determine why there are dropouts, and why there are periods where the audio becomes very quiet. Then fix the problem so that it does not occur in the future.